Employment Law

We at C. S. Kelly & Co. provide both employers and employees with comprehensive practical advice on a range of employment issues including:

  • Drafting of Employment Contracts.
  • The rights of employers and employees on the sale and purchase of businesses.
  • Preparation and provision of documentation to cover a wide area of employment issues.
  • Redundancy and many notice entitlements.
  • Termination of Contracts and unfair and constructive dismissal cases.
  • Advice on legal entitlements in relation to maternity leave, sick pay and minimum notice.
  • Varying the Terms and Conditions of Employment.

There have been many changes in Employment Law over the last number of years. In the litigious environment we are now surrounded in, every mistake is potentially costly both for a business itself and for managers.

In our current economic environment, we have seen a large increase in the level of contentious disputes arising in this area of equality claims, dismissal, redundancy claims and complaints to the Labour Court and Labour Relations Commissions.

Dignity at Work / Bullying

There have been a number of increasing cases resulting from stress as a result of bullying in the workplace.  Every employer is under a duty to ensure that employees are not subject to verbal or physical bullying or harassment from their bosses, co-workers or customers and suppliers.

If you have queries in relation to this area or would like further information please contact us by email or phone.