We at C. S. Kelly & Co. provide comprehensive practical advice and expertise on a range of Licensing matters including:

  • Seven Day Ordinary On Licences for pubs, purchase sale and transfer
  • Special Exemption Orders, extensions, Music, Singing and Dancing Licenses for bars and public houses
  • Wine Retailers on Licence for restaurants
  • Restaurant Certificates for restaurants, bars and public houses
  • Special Restaurant Certificates
  • Retailers off Licences
  • Annual Licence Renewals
  • Dance Licences
  • Bingo/Draw Licences
  • Gaming Licences

Any business engaged in the sale of alcohol in Ireland must by law have a licence to do so. All alcohol licenses are renewed annually. Many renewals involve an annual Court Application. There are other documents that will be required in each individual case which we will advise and assist with.

If you have a query in relation to this area or would like to discuss any aspect of a Licensing matter, please contact us by email or phone.