Wills, Probate and Estate Planning

We at C. S. Kelly & Co. encourage all of our clients to make a Will. Your Will is a vitally important document and ensuring your Will is properly drawn up means you can have confidence that your intentions will be given effect and that it will meet your requirements while minimising adverse taxing implications. Many Wills, particularly those transferring assets and property including farms or business from generation to generation, require careful consideration and planning.

We advise people to make a Will as soon as is possible regardless of age. Your Will can be altered and changed at any stage as well as if there are any changes in circumstances these can be provided for in any amended Will. We also recommend that your Will is reviewed periodically and that it is up to date and adequately and accurately reflects your wishes.

If a person dies without making a Will, the State will decide how that person’s property is divided according to the rules of intestacy which are provided for in the Succession Act, 1965.

If you would like to make a Will, we would suggest that you:

  1. Prepare a note of any assets held
  2. Consider and discuss your intentions at home
  3. Consider who you would like to appoint as your Executor, i.e. this is the person who will be in charge of everything in the event of your death

You can contact us at any time to arrange an appointment to call in and discuss all of the above. We will get you through the process, giving you the best advice possible with the expertise we have gained over the years in handling estates effectively, many involving complex family situations as well as estates with complex tax and financial issues.

Probate /Administration

When someone you love dies this causes huge upset in a family and can be a traumatic experience and a difficult time in one’s life. When assets were held in the sole name of deceased, it becomes necessary to take out a Grant of Probate in order for the Next of Kin to access the property held by the deceased. We can guide you and advise you in a sensitive, compassionate and practical way in all areas of the administration.

If you have a query in relation to this area or would like to discuss any matters further, please contact us by email or phone.