My Legacy Week 2017

29 September, 2017

My Legacy Week 2017 takes place between the 30th October to the 4th November and is an initiative set up by My Legacy to raise awareness about the importance of making a will.

When you make a will, you decide what should happen to your assets after your death. It enables you to make provision for your family and friends as well as for a charity of your choice.

“Everybody should have a will. It sets out your wishes and decisions around the guardianship and care of loved ones in your absence, the distribution of your assets and precious personal items that mean a lot to you.”

“We encourage you to take that first step in writing your will by making an appointment with a solicitor.”

– My Legacy

At C.S. Kelly & Co. Solicitors, we can offer you guidance and advice about making or amending a will. If you would like to arrange for a consultation please contact our offices today on +353 74 93 63111.